Cooperation for maximum BENEFIT

Governance & Values GmbH, splendid learning gmbh, together with recognized experts, created this training and communication portal for ESG and Stewardship Professionals, and all those who seek to advance the environmental, social and governance performance of companies. This unique instrument for the effective transfer of knowledge and skills draws from many years of experience with all types of professional education, including traditional, on-line and blended learning.
The portal serves two main purposes: (i) it serves as a platform for organizations and individual experts to make their ESG learning content accessible to a wide range of ESG and Stewardship Professionals; and (ii) it provides content providers access to ESG resources and teaching tools to help them develop content and deliver effective learning programs.
Contributions from a broad base of institutions and individual experts creates a comprehensive package of condensed and accessible know-how in all relevant ESG areas.
This portal is continuously revised. Constant adaptation of the materials on the site ensures that its content is up-to-date. Changes made in response to user feedback improves its usability and operation.  So your feedback is encouraged and always welcome. It helps us, and the ESG Learning community, continuously expand and improve the services we offer. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly.