The course CORPORATE GOVERNANCE BASICS is the ideal introduction to the world of corporate governance. In this course you will be introduced to the basics of international corporate governance. You will learn about the different types of companies and see where governance is applicable.

The Governance Basics course does not require much prior knowledge and is designed to be easily digestible. Several video clips and a short learning review at the end of each chapter make for a varied course design.

With the course, participants gain an excellent basic understanding of corporate governance, both for practical application in professional life and as a supplement to their academic career (be it of legal or business nature).
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In terms of content, the journey starts with a detailed introduction to the subject matter. We look at different legal forms and the control mechanisms in place. A brief insight into the history of corporate governance and other forms of application round off this chapter. We continue with a legal classification of corporate governance in the various international legal systems and a presentation of the stewardship concept.

Subsequently, we look into the question of what Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) means and how it is or should be structured in terms of content. Good corporate governance is also measured by the structure of the management and the supervisory board, as well as remuneration. In detail, we will look at why independence and diversity are important for a thriving company.

An element flanking governance is risk management and compliance. We devote as much attention to this complex as to the area of internal and external audit. The course concludes with a look at the annual general meeting and its protagonists.

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The course fee includes your access to the content for one calendar year. There is no automatic renewal. Your registration on the portal remains intact in any case.

After registration you will receive the access data to the platform. If necessary, the release may be delayed depending on the payment method. If the payment fails, you will be informed. The access to the lister of all your booked content can be found in your course area. There you can also download your invoice.

Included E-Content

  • Forms of Business Ownership
  • Separation of Ownership and Control
  • Can Shareholders Influence Managers?
  • An Integrated System of Governance
  • International Monitoring
  • The Governance Concept
  • Conclusions
Control- and Riskmanagement
  • The global financial crisis: a new emphasis on corporate risk
  • Levels of risk – the concept of enterprise risk management
  • Responsibility for risk profiling, risk strategy, risk policy, and risk supervision
  • Identifying types of risk

Target group

The course is purely online. It is offered as a classroom course at the University of Angers/France and the dual university in Karlsruhe, among others.

The course language is ENGLISH. Accordingly, all materials are available in English only.

The target group is future employees in the following areas: Investor relations, compliance, risk management, internal and external audit, proxy advisor, proxy solicitor, asset management, law firms related to the capital market, supervisory board members.